Law No. (2) of 2006
On Antiquities and Heritage in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain

We Rashid bin Ahmed Al Mualla, Ruler of the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain
Based on what you spend public clinic,
It decided to issue the following law:

Article (1)
The following words and phrases shall have the meanings consequently, unless the context or the context indicates otherwise:

Location: United Arab Emirates
Emirate: Emirate of Umm Al Quwain
Governor: His Highness the Ruler of the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain
Region: the archaeological area of ??the Emirate
Department: Department of Antiquities and Heritage
President: Head of the Department
Director: Department Manager

Article (2)
Arise in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain independent government department called (the Department of Antiquities and Heritage) have a President and a Director to be appointed by decree and a sufficient number of staff and administrators, users and the tasks and functions in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Article (3)
Terms of reference of the circle
Antiquities and Heritage Department is the official entrusted with the responsibility of keeping the effects of the emirate and the department entrusted with the following duties and responsibilities:
1. Implementation of the Emirate of archaeological policy, in cooperation with other bodies in them.
2. Estimate the archaeological monuments, archaeological sites, and the limits and Aahramha sites and appreciate the importance of each effect.
3. demand of power allocated to the expropriation of movable and immovable monuments in the public interest and to compensate the owners, that is not seen in the case of compensation is not to contain traces being not to value these effects.
4. the Department of Antiquities in the emirate and supervision, and protection, and maintenance, and conservation, and Tsgeleta, and beautify the surrounding configured for visitors.
5. Work on the deployment of archaeological culture, national heritage, and the issuance of books, periodicals and specialized in this field.
6. survey and exploration of Antiquities and Heritage, and maintenance of archaeological and heritage buildings, museums and the establishment of government, the registration and documentation of movable and immovable monuments in the official record.
7. monitor the effects and follow-up effects of the acquisition and disposition in accordance with the provisions of this law.
8. training of national cadres on the business of exploration, maintenance and everything related to the work of Antiquities and Heritage.
9. cooperation with other authorities in the emirate and the state and to serve the countries of the world heritage and awareness of archaeologists.
10.altrechas official archaeological missions, and associations process survey and excavation on the site specified in the emirate.
11.altrechas implications for the conduct of trade in the emirate.
12.altrechas for the establishment of non-governmental museums in the emirate.
13.altrechas for the establishment of archaeological and heritage exhibitions in the emirate.
14.astrjaa own emirate by all legal means effects.
15.alastrak and cooperation in archaeological exhibitions inside and outside the country in conferences and seminars specialized in the field of archeology and heritage and museums.

Article (4)
Cultural inventory is always that accumulates to form a scientific and cultural balance of the nation.

Article (2)
a. The impact of all the legacy of civilizations or left by generations above movable or immovable formed under the nature or established by or manufactured or engraved or an image or a plan or human built before the year 1900 and includes fossils and coins and pottery, manuscripts, documents, hardware that indicate the emergence of Sciences and Arts and Trades and religions and other and traditions of civilizations or related area or anything important historical events added to this thing or was rebuilt after that date.
B. Human, animal and plant remains dating to before 600 AD
T. The Department may with the consent of the president also be considered fixed or movable property which dates back to the era of the latest from 1900 of effects, and if you want to have historic properties, or boys and represent a national heritage that can not be compromised.

Article (6)
Two effects:
a. Effects immovable or fixed: are the effects relating to land, whether built upon or found in its interior, as those under the internal and territorial waters and include the remains of cities and archaeological hills, fossils and castles, fences and buildings and military city, schools and markets.
B. Movable effects or non-fixed: are separate effects from the ground or from the effects of non-movable and can change the place without damage by the effects related, and can be regarded as effects is fixed fixed effects as it was part of the constant impact complementary to or in conjunction with it or decorated with or writing it.

Article (7)
Is carrying out drilling and walk and investigation aimed at finding the effects of movable or immovable property shall not be regarded discovery of relics and found by chance excavation.

Article (8)
Impact ownership
a. Effects, whether movable or immovable are those of the emirate and that excludes the effects of which may be acquired is in accordance with the provisions of this law.
B. The consent of the governor of the department the right to own any archaeological area, or any historic or heritage building, which is owned by third parties in exchange for appropriate compensation to compensate them.

Article (9)
a. Land ownership does not earn its owner the right to own and change impacts on its surface or in its interior, nor conferred the right of exploration.
B. Prevents broken or distorted, or sabotage, or damage the movable or non-movable or damaging, distorting or writing or engraving it is also prohibited to stick ads on them.

Article (10)
Possession impact
Each person may be movable or immovable effects that take the initiative to register, and documented in a circle in a period not exceeding one year from the date of issuance of this law and issued him an official document to register the impact.

Article (11)
The immovable impact holder
a. Be allowed to staff the department to inspect the place, inspected and registered, documented and that does not in any amendments to it only after obtaining official permission from the department.
B. Be allowed at any time to inspect the impact of the staff of the department, study, photographed and drawn and took templates with him and make sure his number and save the correct scientific means.
T. To inform the department of any change on the impact of such damage and loss.

Article (12)
Chamber may write off the effects of movable and immovable officially registered and after studying the objective reasons for it and that the delisting decision shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Article (13)
Trafficking in antiquities
The effects may not be registered in the traffic circle, or in the country or imported officially without a license from the department and the license is limited to nationals of the United Arab Emirates.

Article (14)
It may be the ownership of the registered effects circuit transmission and to those who wish to sell transferred or registered or submit it first to the department to consider the purchase price they agreed upon by the parties on the price may sell it to other citizens of the United Arab Emirates that they can be to the sales documentation and officially registered circuit trace.

Article (15)
The buyer of the impact that vows not to take it out of the United Arab Emirates, and to inform the circuit condition impact and address constantly and allow staff to preview the effect of the circuit at any time, anywhere.

Article (16)
The department the right to confiscate impact if it is found that there is manipulation in sales and not being sure of keeping the impact and survival of the state, or that the buyer can not save it, and protect it in a safe place, or that Mahfouz impact improperly.

Article (17)
The Department shall have the right to issue export certificates effects that do not have their effects in the United Arab Emirates, and that for a fee.

Article (18)
Effects imported to the emirate and is accompanied by a license to export from the country received from seized by customs, mail and security staff and other officials and received under the official record of the Department to conduct an investigation with the importer their origin and how to access it.

Article (19)
If it is proven that they investigate contraband or they went out of the country in violation of the laws of the source and the importer is a scientist so, it confiscated administratively and are considered the property of the Emirate and may be returned to the country of origin on condition of reciprocity.

Article (20)
Every person has a formal way or effects of collectors that provided by the department for display at the museum permanently or temporarily when asked to do so and has to keep it in the department stores in accordance with the special controls.

Article (21)
The effects of the emirate belonging to the cut-throat not be given away or sold.

Article (22)
Ruler of Umm Al Quwain loan or swap effects if the circuit has a similar and that the loan and swap are official bodies or agencies or scientific or archaeological museums.

Article (23)
Each person was found by accident or as a result of any archaeological site to stop work immediately and inform the Chamber of this, and the circuit is the only body authorized to decide the continuation of work or stop it temporarily or permanently, and whether temporarily or permanently stop For the department to give priority to exploration This site and remove the causes of downtime by the annual plan or budget.

Article (24)
Both found the outcome of exploration work on any artifacts, or aware of the result of that discovery of the impact was not in possession of a prospecting license, the initiative to contact the department within 48 hours from the time to find the effect or knowledge of it, and may not dispose of or work What would any distortion effect, shall be by the department or directly to the nearest police station in the area found the impact.

Article (25)
Director approval of the President to order the payment of appropriate impact or those who reported discovers financial reward.

Article (26)
a. When you should put towns and villages planning projects and expanded to maintain the areas where archaeological monuments, and may not be the adoption of places where the effects of planning projects only after taking the opinion of the circle.
B. It shall not take action settlement or filling in the archaeological areas or nearby or areas that are likely to be the effects of sites without the consent of the circle.
T. It may not be granted licenses Construction and restoration in the vicinity of archaeological sites and buildings of heritage places only after obtaining the approval of the department.
W. Also it prohibits the establishment of heavy or dangerous or factories or lime kilns or quarries at a distance of less than half a kilometer from the impact sites Industries, also prohibits the establishment of any other buildings at a distance of less than 100 meters from the impact sites.
C. It may not be the granting of licenses to demolish buildings or archaeological heritage only after obtaining the approval of the department.

Article (27)
Terms of the licensing bodies and missions:
Circle alone who is entitled to carry out exploration and may authorize bodies and scientific societies archaeological archeological excavations missions and that the work of special agreements and after confirmation of the ability of scientific, financial and efficiency, and the Chamber may require accompany technical elements with the party that want to exploration.

Article (28)
It shall not exceed the license archeological excavations for a period of five years, however, which may be renewed once every year after the license expiration.

Article (29)
Exploration licenses following data effects include:
1. recipe body or licensed and services in the area of ??the previous excavation mission.
2. Determine the archaeological sites to be excavated is placed through a private maps.
3. exploration program and duration.
4. training a number of people of the UAE to the excavation.
5. any other conditions that the Chamber recognized.

Article (30)
(A) the licensee has committed to drilling the implementation of the license terms and that filming and drawing archaeological sites and recording relics unearthed aphid in private records, and do what you need undiscovered save effects, and care, and to provide the results of its work at frequent intervals, and provide a brief report at the end of each season as requested by the administration, and enable the management representative of the follow-up exploration work, as in the end of each transfer of relics unearthed season with taking precautions to maintain them to the stores determined by the administration.
(B) The mission excavating the restoration of museum artifacts Almosor the sites to be valid for display after the end of the exploration, and to provide the maximum assistance to the restoration of the discovered sites excavated buildings.

Article (31)
On the excavating submit to the department a full report (in Arabic and English) ready-to-print for its scientific in exploration in the previous season, and in a maximum of six months of work is complete, and submit a final report on the archaeological sites in a maximum period of two years from the end of the excavation.

Article (32)
The primacy of the publication of the reports of the Department of Antiquities for a period of one year after receipt of the report to be issued publication of the emirate in Arabic and may be other foreign languages.

Article (33)
If exploration mission did not extradite circle comprehensive report after the specified period the Chamber may disseminate those results on their own, or another party assigned to prepare a report accompanied by pictures and diagrams in preparation for publishing data on the reservation department of scientific exploration rights for the team.

Article (34)
On the Almentqubp provide the department number (10) copies of published research or the stomach or participant in conferences or seminars on the effects of the emirate in addition to copies of photographs or film of the effects detected for a period of ten years.

Article (35)
Allows the hand that grant exploration licenses to import the equipment that oblige them in their work are exempt from customs duties, provided such equipment to reveal the progress of the department for approval.

Article (36)
All artifacts discovered belongs to the Emirate of the mission is not entitled to own any of the pieces and even similar ones.

Article (37)
If bucked archaeological expedition, or assembly, or body authorized to exploration provisions of this Act shall have the right to the head of the department or his representative stop the archaeological excavations and other work carried out by the mission to be the settlement of the dispute, and if it is not a settlement or if the violation serious jazz revoke the license decision of the President based on the proposal of the Director.

Article (38)
If the license to continue exploration owner lost more than two consecutive seasons is entitled to the Department that the license canceled is considered and granted the exploration license at the site mentioned third-party, but if it is satisfied the Chamber of the reasons for the delay may give the team another deadline for the same the first time that eliminates license permanently if not proceed with the second exploration deadline.

Article (39)
In the case of a dispute between the two sides, the federal courts in the emirate is the only competent court to consider in this conflict and its provisions be definitive and final.

Article (40)
Liberation from the effects of exploration agreements with the missions in Arabic and other foreign languages ??and adopt the Arabic language in the event of a conflict between the texts.

Article (41)
Antiquities inspectors or staff in the department of judicial police officers in connection with official business is considered in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Article (42)
Without prejudice to any more severe penalties stipulated by another law, shall be punished by imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or a fine of not less than fifteen thousand dirhams, or both penalties from the B:
1. excavation without obtaining a license to do so.
2. theft of antiquities.
3. smuggling of antiquities, or export, or hide the effects of sold and registered with the department.

Article (43)
Shall be punished by imprisonment for a period not exceeding one month or a fine not exceeding ten thousand dirhams, or both penalties, all of:
1. The destruction of, or sabotage, or any distortion effects including changing features or separate any part thereof or alteration.
2. discovered or found any trace, or science discovery, or find it was not reported in accordance with the provisions of this law.
3. declined or failed to deliver the effects that discovered or found to circle whether it holds the exploration license or not carrying.
4. released no effect or had acted contrary to the provisions of this law.

Article (44)
Shall be punished by a fine not exceeding ten thousand dirhams each from:
1. The Department did not provide a record of antiquities owned by or in the possession of the entry into force of the provisions of this law.
2. provided data or false information, or documents and documents that is incorrect for any license or permit under the provisions of this law.
3. the impact of any false or deliberately falsified.
4. making or trading counterfeit effects without a license from the department.
5. the profession or trade in antiquities set up a museum or exhibition without taking the permission of the management.
6. violates any other provision of this Act.

Article (45)
In addition to the penalties set forth in the preceding articles above, the Chamber may:
1. confiscated to their advantage any traces of them committed the crime.
2. demolish and remove any construction, or buildings, or at the end things held or brought contrary to the provisions of this law on the violator's expense, including the repair of any damage to the effects of the costs.

Article (46)
The impact of all confiscated or controlled under the provisions of this law immediately delivers the circle.

Article (47)
The head of the department to issue regulations and decisions necessary to implement the provisions of this law and do not conflict with its provisions.

Article (48)
Any text contradictory to the provisions of this law.

Article (49)
Everyone on the respective implementation of this law and shall be effective from the date of issuance and shall be published in the Official Gazette.