French scientists have discovered the oldest natural pearl in human history dating back to 7,500 years in the site which goes back to the Neolithic period in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain.
French National Center for Scientific Research, announced in a statement about the discovery and pointed out that "to this day, the gems' specialists believe that the oldest natural pearl (dating back to the fifth millennium BC) sourced from Japanese site dates back to prehistory."
It added that Pearl, which has recently been discovered in Umm Al Quwain back according to the "History carbon 14" to 5500 BC, and is therefore the oldest natural pearl archaeological currently known in the Arabian Peninsula and in the whole world. "
It continued that "this discovery and other natural pearls that were discovered along the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula show that this region of the world has seen the oldest Activity to catch shellfish" in order to "value (pearls) aesthetic and ritual" associated with them.
The statement said also that this discovery, "published in the magazine" Arabian Orkiologi Land Abagrave "shows the importance that was gained pearls in ancient societies in the Arab Gulf and the northern Indian Ocean, to the extent that they constituted a key component of the cultural identity elements" in those communities.